Friday, October 10, 2008

October Book Club at Zinn Bistro

This month for book club, we had lunch together at Zinn Bistro. Some of us had been there and some had not. It was soo yummy from the best pastries to the best pulled pork sandwich in town! I love these girls so much and always leave our discussions with a stronger determination to be better. I've known all these girls since high school! Our lives have all had their ups and downs, goods and bads, but we've always maintained close friends. Thanks for your friendship girls. We missed you Ash, Trish and Christina!


chlojo said...

Can I please have back into this club? It is so fun to see a picture of everyone, you all look great! What fun :)

Ashlee Swensen said...

I am so sad that I couldn't be there. I hope you ate extra pastries for me. You all look so great. Jodi, I can't wait to have you back.